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Shield Defense Firearm Training
offers the following courses:

Concealed Carry License Class – $70 $59 / person special

**Group rates available – Contact Us for more information**

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We normally hold our classes on the weekend.  Weekday evening classes can be scheduled if there is sufficient interest.

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This class is required to obtain a concealed carry permit in WI, AZ, FL, VA (and others).  Live fire is not required.  Students are not allowed to bring firearms or ammunition to the class.

This course exceeds the firearms safety training course requirements of  the Wisconsin Department of Justice (s. Jus 17.03(7) and 17.05(2)(a)).

This course includes, at a minimum, instruction on and practices of:

Firearm Safety

  • The Four Fundamental Firearm Safety Rules
  • Handgun Types, Parts & Identification
  • How to Safely Unload and Load a Handgun
    • Students load and unload firearms with simulated ammunition
  • Firearms in Your Home and Safe Storage
  • Children and Firearms

Safe Carry Considerations

  • Firearm Concealment Methods
  • Maintaining Control of Your Firearm
  • Avoid the Need to Use Your Firearm
  • What to Do When You Encounter Law Enforcement

Legal Implications of CCW

  • Elements of the Concealed Carry Law
  • Where You Cannot Carry Your Firearm
  • Interstate Transportation Of Firearms
  • Self Defense and the Defense of Others
    • Use of Deadly Force
  • Defense of Property

Concealed Carry of Firearm (CCW) Licensing

  • How to Apply for Your CCW License
  • Applying for an out of state CCW license

In this class, you will obtain hands-on experience by physically handling unloaded firearms.  You will learn to safely load and unload a firearm, using simulated ammunition.
You will also be able to view and handle multiple types of holsters and equipment to include firearm locks and safes, and firearm accessories.

This class runs approximately 3 1/2 hours, depending on class size.

Refuse To Be A Victim –  
(Group rates available)

Attend our REFUSE TO BE A VICTIM® Seminar and you can learn the personal safety tips and techniques you need to avoid dangerous situations and AVOID BEING A VICTIM.

In this four-hour seminar, students can learn the personal safety tips and techniques you need to avoid dangerous situations and avoid becoming a victim.

The topics presented in the Refuse To Be A Victim® seminar include:
•        Developing your own personal safety strategy before you ever need it.
•        Personal security and situational awareness
•        How to make your home more secure
•        Improving your physical security in various environments
•        Safety precautions when driving
•        Safeguarding yourself and items with traveling
•        Technological Security
•        Personal protection devices
•        Safety for Parents and Children (Pre-school through High School)
•        Safety for College Students
•        Safety for Seniors and Persons with Physical Disabilities

Unfortunately, none of us are immune to crimes against us or our property.  This seminar will focus on education, and not scaring the audience.  Many crimes, especially crimes against individuals, can be avoided by using the tools taught in this seminar.

This is neither a firearms related, nor self-defense course.  Firearms, other personal protection devices, and self-defense are briefly discussed for consideration. However, most of the course is about lifestyle practices and changes in mindset that can enhance your personal safety.

The Refuse To Be A Victim® curriculum was developed by the NRA. You can find out more about the program on their website, or watch a short video here.

Basic Pistol Shooting Course with Shooting Range  – $150 / person **

This class teaches the basic knowledge, skills, and attitude for owning and operating a pistol safely.  This course teaches a deeper understanding of firearm handling and will include live fire exercises.  This course is ideal for people who already have their CCW Permit, and wish to have more hands-on instruction.   You do not, however, need to possess a CCW Permit to take this course.

This course is up to 4-hours long and includes classroom and range time learning to shoot revolvers and/or semi-automatic pistols. Students learn the rules for safe gun handling; firearm loading and unloading; pistol parts and operation; ammunition; shooting fundamentals; range rules; shooting from the bench rest position; two handed standing positions; various holster and carry methods; and continued opportunities for skill development.

As needed, the class may be conducted in two sessions; classroom and the shooting range.

**This course does not meet all of the firearms safety or training course requirements of  the Wisconsin Department of Justice (s. Jus 17.03(7) and 17.05(2)(a)).
The cost of this course does not include range fees or firearm use and ammunition.  Please contact us for further information about these fees.

Personal Protection Inside the Home

This course teaches the basic knowledge, skills, and attitude essential to the safe and efficient use of a handgun for protection of self and family, and to provide information on the law-abiding individual’s right to self-defense.  In this class, you will learn basic defensive shooting skills, how to respond to a violent confrontation, and strategies for home safety.  Students must already have a valid Wisconsin CCW Permit, or have taken the Basic Pistol Shooting Course with Shield Defense Firearm Training.  Class participants should expect to shoot approximately 100 rounds of ammunition; provided by the student for their personal firearm.

Women only classes

Between 2005 and 2011, the percentage of American women who own a gun nearly doubled, rising from 13 to 23 percent, according to Gallup poll data.  The percentage of women who report household gun ownership is also at a new high, now registering 43%.  We offer any of our courses in a ladies only format, with extra time spent on personal defense, situational awareness, and concealed carry methods for women.  There is no intimidation, military or firearm slang terms, or dismissive answers. We provide a professional, relaxed environment for all skill levels.  Our resources page has a specific section devoted to women and firearms.

Private and group courses are available

  • Please contact us for personalized individual or small group training rates.  The cost of individual or group training does not include range fees or firearm use and ammunition.