I’ve got my permit. Why do I need further training?

Some states have stricter requirements than others when it comes to obtaining a CCW license.  Some states have what is known as “Constitutional Carry”, where no permit is needed to carry; open or concealed. Some states, on the other hand, have extremely strict criteria for who can get a CCW license, and often make the process of obtaining a CCW license extremely onerous and expensive. Wisconsin allows carrying a handgun concealed with a state issued license.  Upon meeting certain criteria, such as completing an approved class, the state shall issue a license, assuming the individual is legally qualified to possess and carry a firearm.  Open carry of handguns, however, is legal without a license.

The instructors at Shield Defense have spoken with many people who have obtained a CCW license using certification of a hunters’ safety course, a DD214 from prior military service, or an approved CCW license class, but feel that they are still not comfortable carrying a firearm concealed.  Often, individuals rarely practice with their firearm at a firing range, much less know how or when they could use a firearm for self defense.  It is for these individuals in mind that Shield Defense Firearm Training came to be.  Our goal is to promote the safe and legal carry of handguns for personal protection and the protection of others.

The classes that Shield Defense offers, beyond the basic Concealed Carry License class are meant to further an individual’s comfort level handling a firearm, as well as teach an understanding of defensive firearms use.  Feel free to take a look at the courses offered, and contact us with any questions.

Shield Defense Firearm Training

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