Are you ready for that new gun?

It’s a great time to purchase a new firearm.  Black Friday sales at the big box retailers and sporting goods stores are filled with sales of firearms and accessories.

If this is your first gun, are you ready to handle it?  This person in St. Louis sure wasn’t.  This is a great example of how NOT to handle a new firearm.

If you’re not completely familiar with how to handle a firearm; including safe handling, loading, unloading, and understanding the use of force, and proper gun storage, than you need to contact Shield Defense for quality, professional firearm training.

The article linked above is an extreme example of irresponsible gun handling, ending in a tragic result.  Owning and carrying a firearm is a great responsibility that cannot be taken lightly.

Are you ready for it?  Get training, practice, and carry safely.

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving.


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