Should You Carry Concealed at Church?

In light of the recent tragedy in Charleston, SC, where a lone gunman opened fire and killed 9 innocent people at the Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal Church, the question needs to be asked as to whether an armed citizen could have stopped the shooting.  While details are still forthcoming, we know that in an act of terror, a white male killed 9 African-Americans.  This is hate, pure and simple.  But, if one person was carrying a concealed weapon, could things have been different?

There is an article on our resource page called “Carrying a Concealed Firearm in Church”.  The author discusses why he always carries in church.  While the vast majority of churches in America are safe from attacks, these types incidents are occurring with a greater frequency.  Here are a few examples of incidents at churches.

At my church, several people carry concealed, including a pastor, an elder, and several members of our safety team.  For me, I carry in church because I carry most places anyway.  My firearm is concealed, so nobody, other than my confidants, knows.  Do you carry in church?  Wisconsin allows concealed carry in churches, as long as the building is not posted as a gun free zone.

Carrying concealed does not hinder my expression of worship, my listening to a sermon, or my fellowship with other believers.  You need to decide for yourself.



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